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  • Epic Novel

    By KrisM43
    I wish that Sanderson had done a series revolved around these characters. He did integrate them into other series on a very small scale though.
  • not my fav, but still great!

    By Cat Tomasello
    I’m a long-time fan of Sanderson’s work, and I enjoyed this book like all of the rest. It was a bit less complex than Mistborn and Stormlight, which is what I personally love. So in the depth category, it wasn’t my favorite, but it is still an enticing story with great characters and an AMAZING (per usual) magic system.
  • I love Sanderson!

    By Levikitchen
    Sanderson is truly second to none in worldbuilding and inventing new, interesting magic systems! This book did drag a bit in the mid section, but picked up to a satisfying crescendo by the end. I have to admit I was giggling like a little girl full of glee when Sanderson made an incredible, unexpected connection between this book and "The Way of Kings". If you don't pay close attention you might overlook it but it honestly had me on cloud nine for almost a week. I hope Sanderson reveals what planet these stories are taking place on some day, so that we can just go live there. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but not quite as much as his "The Way of Kings". If you like this book, go read that one next!
  • Too formulaic

    By hd_chicken
    Sanderson never fails to wow with his creative magic systems. However, this story was far too formulaic; I never got lost in the tale as the structure of the story was always visible.
  • Very enjoyable

    By Old Poppy
    This is great read!
  • Warbreaker

    By flwalker
    This book is another fascinating novel by Sanderson! It does not have the depth of characters as inThe Mistborn series, but still the story grips the reader and it is difficult to stop reading his tale. I began Sanderson's books upon the recommendation of my 26 year old son, and now having read 4 in succession I am ready for the next allegorical, gripping, fantastic novel!
  • Q: Genius, master storyteller, or visionary? A: All of the above!

    By Fiirvoen
    Brandon Sanderson once again proves that when it comes to masterful storytelling, intricate worldbuilding, and inventive new magic systems, he belongs in the halls of the greats. Weaving together a plot of court intrigue with one of rebellion, Sanderson combines action, humor, and dialogue sure to please any fan of wit and the art of the raconteur.
  • Blah Blah

    By All In Grey's
    He writes a very good fictional book. But he went into adding characters that made the storyline boring. He goes from saying something and dragging the story. Nice try will not read any more of his books.
  • Loved It

    By dp of SD
    I discovered this story because another reviewer of his short story Firstborn mentioned a free story on his website. My search led me to Warbreaker. This was the first book I read on my iPad and it was a great one to start with. Sanderson effectively creates a new world, complete with it's own theology and history. It left me wanting to read more stories set in this world. I hope the his other work is just as good, as I am about to go buy Elantris.