Legion - Brandon Sanderson


By Brandon Sanderson

  • Release Date: 2012-09-10
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 299 Ratings)


Now also available in the complete collection Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds.

A novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, Legion is a fast-paced, witty, and supremely fun thriller with a psychological bent.

Stephen Leeds is perfectly sane. It’s his hallucinations who are mad.

A genius of unrivaled aptitude, Stephen can learn any new skill, vocation, or art in a matter of hours. However, to contain all of this, his mind creates hallucinatory people—Stephen calls them aspects—to hold and manifest the information. Wherever he goes, he is joined by a team of imaginary experts to give advice, interpretation, and explanation. He uses them to solve problems…for a price.

His brain is getting a little crowded, however, and the aspects have a tendency of taking on lives of their own. When a company hires him to recover stolen property—a camera that can allegedly take pictures of the past—Stephen finds himself in an adventure crossing oceans and fighting terrorists. What he discovers may upend the foundation of three major world religions—and, perhaps, give him a vital clue into the true nature of his aspects.


  • Legion Review

    By wshawnw
    Great read. Smart, witty, fast enough to stay interesting and short enough to read in a couple hours. Would love to see more of these.
  • A fantastic read

    By I Am Danny Christo
    This is one of the best books I have read in quite a while. My only problem with it was that it was so short.
  • Wow!

    By Zaky01
    I dont think this guy is human. I've read each of his books and each time i'm left with nothing but awe at how a mnd can come up with this brilliant stuff!
  • Legion

    By George & Roe
    Brilliant as expected of Brandon Sanderson. I hope he makes a series out of the Stephen Leeds character.
  • Awesome, but short.

    By Mizunoer
    This is a fantastic quick read. It was imaginative without bring contrived.
  • Poorly written.

    By Valentine W.
    The choppy unimaginative dialogue killed this book for me. "I said." "She Said" " I replied." "He said." As a SciFi fan I was too bored with the pedantic use of language to get into much of the plot. The multiple persona aspect could have been more interesting if the narrator didn't automatically present it as something bizarre, a little discovery might have pulled me in but just laying it all out from the beginning left me uninterested. I'm glad other people seem to be enjoying this book but it just wasn't my idea of a good read.
  • Great!!

    By Das1840
    In agreement with everyone, these characters and their personalities are so fascinating and fun but the story goes very fast. I do wish I could read more about this character and his "illness" if we want to call it that. No regrets, I'd pay for that again or for something similar... it's well worth it.
  • Great storyline!

    By Christine, CPDT
    I loved this short book. Please continue this character series!
  • Loads of fun

    By mdeandean4
    I can't believe how versatile this author is!
  • Short but amazing

    By DerpDeeDerp37
    Brandon's brief story of mr. Leads is pretty much flawless. The only thing the book was lacking was more content, but that's to be expected in a novella. Read the entire story within a 2 hour plain ride and loved every moment of it. Hopefully Brandon will revisit these characters in the future.