Raising Securely Attached Kids - Eli Harwood

Raising Securely Attached Kids

By Eli Harwood

  • Release Date: 2024-09-03
  • Genre: Parenting


Create a lifetime of connection with your children.

Therapist and wildly popular attachment research expert Eli Harwood (a.k.a. Attachment Nerd) illuminates attachment theory as foundational to the only parenting approach proven to have a lasting impact.
How do you raise kids who are confident, capable, and caring?
The first ingredient is a secure and close relationship—key to helping them self-regulate and thrive later in life. When children feel seen, heard, and supported, all other parenting tips and tricks start to work.
Groundbreaking author Eli Harwood makes attachment theory (the science that explores the innate human need to bond with other humans) accessible and actionable in how it can help our children learn and grow into compassionate, warm adults.
For anyone looking to build a better life for their kids, no matter what you went through growing up yourself, these simple, real-life strategies will help you:
·        Help you create a secure attachment relationship with your kids by choosing connection over control
·        Prompt reflection on attachment patterns you developed in childhood and why you respond in certain ways during emotional moments with your children
·        Help you resolve past attachment traumas so you can gain effective skills to offer calm, connected, and secure base
·        Provide scripts and practical tools to build and reinforce a strong foundation of trust
·        Encourage you to release the reins of influence as their independence grows
Hopeful and inspiring, this essential evidence-based guide will show parents across different ages and stages everywhere that they are not alone in the questions and concerns they may have about their children's development. Though there have been countless studies on how attachment styles affect our romantic relationships, Raising Securely Attached Kids reframes the subject for cultivating a strong relationship between parent and child to bring transformative change to your relationships of all stripes.