State v. Bondurant - Tennessee Supreme Court

State v. Bondurant

By Tennessee Supreme Court

  • Release Date: 1999-09-07
  • Genre: Law


In this appeal, the defendant, Pat Bondurant, was convicted of premeditated first degree murder and arson. Upon finding that the State had proven two statutory aggravating circumstances beyond a reasonable doubt and that there were no mitigating circumstances sufficiently substantial to outweigh the aggravating circumstances, the jury sentenced the defendant to death by electrocution on the conviction for first degree murder. On the arson conviction, the trial court sentenced the defendant to ten years consecutive to the death penalty. The Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the trial courts judgment. Thereafter, the case was docketed in this Court and set for oral argument with respect to eight of the issues raised by the defendant. See Tenn. S. Ct. R. 12.