C H E C K M a T E - Michael Pinchot

C H E C K M a T E

By Michael Pinchot

  • Release Date: 2019-06-25
  • Genre: Horror


Retired doctor of physics Frank Somers, who is credited with eight rape-murders to date within Orange County under the DA-assigned moniker Checkmate, laughs as he turns away from his home office computer after studying the application requirements for the Orange County Grand Jury. He loudly mocks the county’s highly touted vetting process. “Fingerprints required . . . of course, of course. But no DNA swab. What a f*****g joke.” The chink in the application process enables Dr. Somers to be selected for a twelve-month grand jury service where he regularly continues his killings as Checkmate within Orange County. He cleverly uses his jury colleagues and district attorney to partially exercise his psychopathic taunting of authorities. This book is primarily set within Orange County as well as Florida, Mexico, and Jamaica.