Warhammer: Vampire Counts (Interactive Edition) - Games Workshop

Warhammer: Vampire Counts (Interactive Edition)

By Games Workshop

  • Release Date: 2012-11-03
  • Genre: Crafts & Hobbies
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 13 Ratings)


Warhammer: Vampire Counts is the indispensible guide to the lords of the night and their Undead minions in the Warhammer world. This book details the birth of the Vampires and the rise of the infamous von Carstein dynasty, and provides full rules for fielding a Vampire Counts army in the Warhammer game. This expanded Warhammer Armies book features interactive miniatures galleries, handy dictionaries to explain game rules, and the comprehensive army list includes all the horrific warriors and war machines of the Vampire Counts. 

This Digital Edition includes an interactive miniatures gallery and handy quick-links for special rules and weapons.

The World That Was is no more, but the battle continues… Warhammer Vampire Counts is designed for use with Warhammer The Game of Fantasy Battles. That game system is no longer supported, but this title remains available for those who want to recreate the epic battles of the lost world. To continue the war against Chaos in the Mortal Realms, check out Warhammer Age of Sigmar.


  • Average

    By ltdan011
    Nice port, no more turning the book every second to refernce abilities and stuff. But, now you have to click on everything in order to see the rules because you have only lists of abilities and rules for every unit (no description) initially. Plus when you need to reference something thats not from this book, you have to close it, which is not a quick process (nor is loading it again), and half of a time it will crash and then you need to load it again in order to exit, which again takes more time and nerves. Also, book sometimes crash when you use search function. Search function itself is not very good either, because it lists terms in order of appearance in book, not in order of relevance to the term you are searcing for (for example if you search for "vampire" it will list ton of stuff from the fluff section and the rules for vampires will be waay down on list). Also, some quick links are not working. And yeah, the price is too high. This way im only buying books of armies that I collect, otherwise I would buy them all. 2 stars for the quality, plus 1 for the decision to go electronic.
  • Nice conversion

    By luke525
    This is a very nice conversion of the physical book. I enjoy its interface and how easy it is to find the definitions for terms. You have to flip through this e-book to find a place you're referencing. The only shame is the cost. I would have bought this instead of the physical book, but instead had to buy both since this was not released at the same time.