Dancing Days - Val St. Crowe

Dancing Days

By Val St. Crowe

  • Release Date: 2012-08-22
  • Genre: Contemporary
4 Score: 4 (From 69 Ratings)


If Hogwarts was more like Woodstock, and Voldemort was your childhood sweetheart turned abusive boyfriend...

As long as Nora Sparrow can remember, Owen has protected her. He’s been there through years of miserable foster homes and snobby mean girls, always whispering to her that she doesn’t belong here. Telling her that this is the mundane world, and someday, he’ll get them back to Helicon, the world of the muses. The world where they belong.

But Nora’s fifteen years old, and she isn’t sure she quite believes it anymore. When he begs her to try another ritual to open the dimensions, she agrees mostly to humor him. Owen’s rituals never work.

But this one does, and Nora is flung into the whimsical, bohemian land of Helicon, where she’s expected to do nothing more than create and inspire. With the help of her new muse friends, Nora sets out to discover who is creating holes in the fabric of Helicon and draining away the muses’ energy.

Everything would be perfect, if only Owen’s protectiveness wasn’t starting to seem so...obsessive.


  • It was alright

    By Monet567
    I thought Nora should have stood up to Owen. She was scared of everything. Most of all she was weak and helpless.
  • Really!!

    By Lovely_steph
    This book seemed like a good read but I couldn't even finish reading it. An annoying weak female character. I only read to page 534. Maybe it got better maybe not just couldn't read it anymore.
  • Dancing times

    By Destinynhe
    It was a good book I thought that a couple things could have been different though