In the President's Secret Service - Ronald Kessler

In the President's Secret Service

By Ronald Kessler

  • Release Date: 2009-08-04
  • Genre: Political Science
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 263 Ratings)


After conducting exclusive interviews with more than one hundred current and former Secret Service agents, bestselling author and award-winning reporter Ronald Kessler reveals their secrets for the first time.

Never before has a journalist penetrated the wall of secrecy that surrounds the U.S. Secret Service, that elite corps of agents who pledge to take a bullet to protect the president and his family. Kessler portrays the dangers that agents face and how they carry out their missions--from how they are trained to how they spot and assess potential threats. With fly-on-the-wall perspective, he captures the drama and tension that characterize agents’ lives and reveals what they have seen, providing startling, previously untold stories about the presidents, from John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson to George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well as about their families, Cabinet officers, and White House aides.


  • In the President's Secret Service

    By HBBJA1
    I found the book very informative and interesting. If half of the information is factual, than some of the people we elect to reside in the White House have some explaining to do to the American people, and they owe the people assigned to protect them an apology.
  • Interesting and disappointing

    By RH2259
    What we see on TV and in print generally is a well scripted and carefully choreographed display about our leaders. This book goes in-depth on many behind-the-scenes activities that the Secret Service encounter when protecting high ranking individuals. Having said that, there were many parts that amounted to little more than complaints about the management and extra details that the SS must deal with. Chapter 16 didn't need to be there. I was interested for the first half of the book, but then it focused on mismanagement.
  • An axe to grind

    By rnbsnjd
    Very inconsistent in praising the success of the SS yet nailing management for consistent failures. To summarize -- this is a disgruntled staff level employee with an axe to grind. At best, his stories are unfair; at worst, his stories jeopardize the security of the country.
  • Book

    By iPadg
    Started out interesting then turned into Secret Service bashing.
  • Book

    By John/Jane doe
    I think this was more of a people magazine of presidents than a book.
  • Fantastic book!

    By 2sam10
    This is hands down the most interesting book I've ever read! Great information and written very well. My only complaint is that the book gets very repetitive, especially towards the end. Over all, awesome book though!
  • Very informative

    By Johnr03
    This book is quite difficult to put down. I found it very enjoyable and informative. It's amazing the people we elect to run our country.
  • In The President

    By SS090909
    This book was extremely disappointing. The description promoted that it would include stories about our presidents so I expected an interesting look inside the daily lives of the presidents but other than a few anecdotal stories (that came across more like gossip or complaints from disgruntled ex-agents) it was more about how poorly the Secret Service is treated by "management" and how much better the FBI was treated than Secret Service. Secret Service agents were quoted as liking or not liking certain presidents and random tidbits and pieces of gossip about the presidents. If you want to hear a bunch of wining about how underpaid and mistreated the Secret Service is, this is your book. Otherwise, don't waste your time.
  • In the President's Secret Service

    By Jomeau
    A very disappointing book on what could be a fascinating subject. It is more a collection of anecdotes and gripes apparently culled from interviews with agents than a real investigative look at the agency. It reads more like a gossip column than a serious literary effort. If you like Enquirer type reporting you may enjoy this book. If you want a serious look into the Secret Service, look elsewhere.