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  • Excellent

    By good story 123
    You have to read all three books to get the whole story. Excellent story. Hard to put any of the three books down.
  • Another homerun!

    By Mari Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
    What a book! I cried like a baby for the Dragons, and rejoiced when Ordain was where he needed to be. Of course we need book #4 to find out how happy Breen, Keegan, Marg and the crew does in this new world…hint, hint!! Thank you Nora for putting your heart & soul into all you do. Blessed be.
  • Pre-order issue

    By JAGtheoriginal
    I pre-ordered this, but it’s telling me I have to buy it again? 5 stars because I don’t want the book to get a bad review for a downloading mistake.
  • It was ok

    By 🥰❤️❤️🥳
    I was so looking forward to this third book in the series. It was so repetitive of the first two books and I feel let down. Don’t get me wrong- it was good just fell a little flat.
  • Will not download

    By tmann63
    I bought this book 2 weeks ago and it will not download???
  • Very predictable

    By Liz Hale
    The story was unnecessarily drawn out. Very slow in many parts and very predictable to her other series.
  • The Best!

    By ajfowler13
    I’ve read Nora Roberts and JD Robb my whole life. This touched me more than the rest. I’ve laughed and felt love in all her books but the tears that fell in this ending to this story…. I’m already planning to re-read the trilogy from start to finish.
  • Great ending!!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    This 3rd and final installment had me in tears. This was a very emotional book with Breene closing some chapters in her life and starting new ones. The dragons. The final battle. The love between Breene and Keegan. I think this finale did their story justice. I fell in love with many of these side characters, and the two worlds were brought to life with such color and wonder. You feel like you have fallen inside a story book fairy tale that does include some very, evil characters. After all, there had to be for Breene and Keegan to fight and concur. Keegan has been a hard character for me but he came through in the end. He's one of those men that keep their feelings close to the vest. He's honorable, loyal and in the end, he gave Breene what she really needed. Breene stayed true to herself all the way through even as she learned to shed her mothers moving and becoming who she really is. She was an easy character to love and wish great things for. This was a fun series to read!
  • Satisfying!

    By 12toot
    There’s no one better to write a contemporary or fantasy story than Nora Roberts. With Breen and Keegan’s story coming to a suspenseful end, we find out who gets a happy ending and who gets a sad ending. Some are very satisfying while others are very heartbreaking. The secondary characters are just as fascinating as the main characters. Who doesn’t root for Marco and Brian? Or Nan and Sedric? All of Breen’s journey and knowledge will finally come to a head with Odran. I would have liked to see how life continues in Talamh six months to a year later.
  • I ordered this book over a month ago and it is not available to me today!

    By Rex's Babe
    Pre-ordered over a month ago and it is not available to me.