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  • Too long

    By m81725373
    While it has some good points, I felt like this was too long and could have been shorter to keep the story going.
  • Not my favorite

    By TT_am
    This one was hard to get through for me. It was way too raunchy and felt like they needed filler so just had them constantly having sex. It took away from the storyline for me and I kept having to skip through it. It took me months to finish this one because of that. Also I felt like Casteels character just goes down hill for me in this one. He just follows Poppy around like an annoying puppy constantly telling her how amazing she is and he just seems weak to me in this book. Lastly I’m not into the three way stuff at all so if you are, cool you’ll probably like this book but for me it’s a big nope.
  • Horrible

    By Terionica
    I struggled with the first book, loved the 2nd and 3rd book…but I HATE this (4th) book. Go read a summary of this one and skip to the next book. I think the author knew it was horrible bc she started adding sex scenes in every other chapter. It’s boring, it’s drawn out, it’s disappointing. This book made me really dislike Poppy. Her character is whiny, clueless, immature, weak and frustrating. And who did the editing bc omg it’s terrible
  • It was good but confusing

    By Ayvah311
    The story is still good, and I will continue reading the series, but this book was hard to get through. There were SO MANY names, places, and terms- and they kept changing. It was hard to keep track of everything.
  • In Love 💜

    By Etniejay8991
    I am in love with this book series!
  • 7/10

    By duhlets
    Pretty good, longer than it needed to be, and a INSANE amount of italics for no apparent reason. Story was solid, and definitely worth it, but could’ve been written more concise.
  • Amazing

    By BridgettlovesChad
    Her books are amazing. Period. I was kept in suspense and awe through the whole book. What a page turner. Can’t wait to read the next.
  • Ahhh

    By Jessiepoopatzer
    I got sucked in… I need more. Lol
  • Good read

    By meg.kamille
    This was a fun read. I love the story.
  • Loved it

    By shark teeth hunter
    Unbelievably fantastic. Can’t get enough. Characters are great…story is so good. Never a dull moment