Hollywood Destiny - Kristina Adams

Hollywood Destiny

By Kristina Adams

  • Release Date: 2021-05-11
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


From Kristina Adams, author of the bestselling What Happens in… series comes the fourth book in the prequel companion series Hollywood Gossip.
Jump back in time to when Tate and Jack were in their late teens, trying to transition from child stars to megastars.
Follow them on their journey as they become friends, enemies, and lovers alongside familiar faces from the What Happens in Hollywood Universe and new ones you’re going to love.
My new action movie is exactly the kind of role I need to finally shake my image as a child star.
But when judgmental colleagues and a megalomaniac director bring up past issues I’d long thought buried, will the price be too high for my mental health?
I wish I could talk to Jack about what’s going on at work, but with me filming in Australia, and him working in the States, it’s hard for us to connect. Are we drifting apart all over again?
I can’t write. Not since leaving Ibiza. Something about hitting rock bottom has exhausted my creative energy. And if I can’t write music, who am I?
Could a career break be just what I need? Or will the lack of focus exacerbate my addiction?
Usually I’d go to Tate for advice. She’s my best friend. But after how she found me in Ibiza, the last thing I want to do is burden her all over again.
At a time when the world seems to be against them, will these two lovebirds find solace in each other, or will they grow further apart than ever?
Hollywood Destiny is part four of the Hollywood Gossip series by Kristina Adams. If you’re looking for a serial will they/won’t they romantic drama about love, hate, and the pressures of fame, you won’t find one that’s more of a rollercoaster read than this.