How to Identify a Forgery - Suzanne Bell

How to Identify a Forgery

By Suzanne Bell

  • Release Date: 2013-07-01
  • Genre: True Crime


Fakes and counterfeits have existed since ancient times; and while the methods of forgery have surely advanced, so has the science necessary to identify them. Currency, art, and historical artifacts are only a few of the objects commonly forged; and scientists in forensic laboratories throughout the world work alongside artists, museums, linguists, and historians to authenticate these items. How to Identify a Forgery investigates how modern computers, printers, and scanners have presented new challenges for scientists and how objects suspected of being faked, forged, or fraudulent are examined forensically.

How to Identify a Forgery contains information on:

• Counterfeiting currency
• Electronic and digital signatures
• Dating ink
• Dyes and pigments
• Forging art
• Handwriting analysis
• Scientific methodology
• Visual examination and microscopy

How to Identify a Forgery contains illustrations, a glossary, and a detailed list of print and web resources. Sidebars on notable cases and pressing forensics issues throughout reinforce the text. Essential for students, teachers, collectors, and investigators who require information on proper forensic science practices, Dr. Bell’s book is as fascinating as it is useful.