The President Is Dead! - Louis L. Picone

The President Is Dead!

By Louis L. Picone

  • Release Date: 2016-08-16
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


A “well-researched yet fun-to-read book” about body snatchers, attempted ressurections and more true stories of US Presidents and their peculiar deaths (U.S. 1).
Did you ever hear about a prominent physician who wanted to resurrect George Washington by transfusing his body with lamb’s blood? The bizarre plots to steal the bodies of Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Harrison, and Andrew Jackson? And the incredible coincidence surrounding the deaths of Thomas Jefferson and his longtime rival John Adams?
Packed with incredible-but-true facts and presidential trivia, The President Is Dead! recounts how our presidents from George Washington to Gerald Ford met their ends, the pomp of their funerals, and their public afterlives, including stories of attempted grave robbery, re-interments, vandalism, conspiracy theories, and much more.
The book also includes “Critical Death Information” and a complete visitor’s guide to grave sites and death-related historical landmarks as well as an “Almost Presidents” section including John Hanson (the first president under the Articles of Confederation), Sam Houston (former president of the Republic of Texas), David Rice Atchison (president for a day), and Jefferson Davis (president of the Confederate South).