Life's a Witch - Val St. Crowe

Life's a Witch

By Val St. Crowe

  • Release Date: 2018-08-18
  • Genre: Contemporary
5 Score: 5 (From 6 Ratings)


Life’s a witch, and then you die. And if you’re Petra Brightshade, it happens accidentally, when you bleed out in an attempt to save the world from monsters. Or at least, it half happens. The human part of Petra has been dead for nearly a year now, and she misses it. When she finds out a new professor at Ravenridge College knows a spell to bring back her humanity, she’s got to have it.

Of course, the professor’s got some secrets of his own. He’s being chased by his own monsters—not metaphorical ones, real ones—who are trying to kill him. But Petra manages to make a deal with him. He gives her the spell, she helps him out.

Sure, that’s dangerous, and so is doing the spell. Pfft. Petra can handle danger.

Now, the hangovers after the parties her friend Reid Darkmore keeps throwing? Those are brutal.