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The Fallen

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The Fallen: A Complete Summary

The setting for this story is Baronville, Pennsylvania in the present time. Baronville was a small economically depressed rural community that lost its primary employers decades ago. Although there were efforts to promote economic diversification, the only employer to move to the community was the fulfillment center. The town experienced outmigration, a deteriorating housing stock, and an overwhelming epidemic of opioid addiction. The people in the town were resentful about the economic malaise, which they blamed on the Baron family.
The entire community was bleak and without hope. Even the fulfillment center did not provide the economic respite the town desperately needed. Although jobs that paid family-sustaining wages were available at the center, the requirement that workers had to pass a drug test precluded many people from securing jobs. The pervasive despair was interrupted by small efforts at economic development, which were typically funded through insurance money paid to people whose family members died from drug overdoses.
The Baron’s family mansion was pivotal in the story. The house and outbuildings were deteriorating and crumbling because the owner lacked the money needed for appropriate upkeep. The once beautiful grounds were overgrown. The family burial site was decayed from neglect.
The Murder House was the old house where Decker found two federal agents murdered. The old house was deteriorated and dark and it was the site of numerous frightening plot twists in the book. The Murder House was on an isolated street and there were only three neighbors; they included a blind man, a man in a wheelchair, and a former Sunday school teacher. Two of them were involved in the drug trafficking and murders and the third one was killed.
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