Fire Magic - Val St. Crowe

Fire Magic

By Val St. Crowe

  • Release Date: 2018-05-04
  • Genre: Contemporary


City of Dragons, Book Three

Alastair Cooper, my abusive ex-husband, is dead. He was found in dragon form in a dragon slayer’s cooler, an arrow in his heart. But before I can start dancing for joy, I find that I’m the main suspect in Alastair’s murder. The only person the police think is more likely to have committed the crime is Lachlan Flint, my boyfriend.

After we’re arrested and spend a night locked up in a jail that leaches the magic from our bones, we know we’ve got no choice but to find out who really killed Alastair. We’ve got to clear our names.

I can’t go to prison. I’ve got a baby on the way, and I have to do whatever I can to protect my unborn child. Of course, Lachlan doesn’t know about that. How do I tell him I’m pregnant?

With Alastair’s child?