Necessary Magic - Val St. Crowe

Necessary Magic

By Val St. Crowe

  • Release Date: 2017-11-13
  • Genre: Contemporary
4 Score: 4 (From 103 Ratings)


**She's a former thief. He's an enslaved werewolf. Together, they will change everything.**

...Seventeen years ago, the human realm collided with a magic world. Now, the land is fractured between opposing factions. The witches rule the cities. Werewolves live under the boot of the witches. And unicorns and fugitive humans roam the abandoned wilderness...

Once, Bree West was a scavenger and thief. Now, she leads a group of wild unicorns. Bonded to the powerful beasts, she is awed by both their ethereal beauty and their savage grace.

The unicorns are the only things the witches fear. Bree and her herd, organized and strong, are a threat the witches can’t tolerate.

Once, Jack Bastian tried to resist being the witches’ plaything. Now, the werewolf does what he’s told, seduces who he’s asked, and doesn’t give a damn who he hurts or how his body is used. He’s good, too. There’s not a witch in the city that can resist Jack’s charms.

The high witch is sure he’ll be able to make quick work of Bree. After all, there’s only one thing that can sever the bond between a virgin and her unicorns.

Usually, Jack wouldn’t give a damn.

But then he sees Bree.

And everything changes.


  • Idfk

    By CoolCam1003
    Interesting book but please change the description. After the first sentence I was already confused.